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I’m dedicated to checking my favorite blogs every few days (and always looking for more), so I was surprised when a group of friends said they don’t know of a single blog worth reading!

This list is so that I can easily share my favorite blogs to colleagues and students. These blogs cover programming, software engineering, startups, product design, usability, research, game development, and academia. They are in no particular order, but I provide a few categories for each and an example post that I recommend.

  • Eli Bendersky’s Blog (
  • Where Did All the Time Go? by Bob Nystrom (
  • Embedded in Academia by John Regehr (
  • Hillel Wayne’s Blog (
  • Tiny Projects by Ben Stokes (
  • Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood (
  • Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky(
  • Dan Luu’s Blog (
  • Paranoid Coding by Jared Par (
  • Phil Eaton’s Blog (
  • Ben Hoyt’s Blog (
  • Daniel Lemire’s Blog (
  • John D. Cook’s Blog (
  • Amy Ko’s Blog (
  • The Morning Paper by Adrian Colyer (
  • PL Perspectives by ACM SIGPLAN (
  • Fabulous Adventures in Coding by Eric Lippert (
  • Tristan Hume’s Blog (
  • Ruslan Spivak’s Blog (
  • Austin Henley’s Blog (
  • Stephen Marz’s Blog (
  • Austin Z. Henley (
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